World English Survey

The Painless Shortwave Tuning Technique

Searching for shortwave stations can be downright painful at times. Many of the new digital receivers mute the receiver while searching for active stations and have a tendency to stop on only the strongest stations. I believe that the threshold is set a little too high on most radios for our conditions here in North America. If shortwave manufacturers made the radios stop on weaker signals, the radio would be very annoying to use in Europe where signals are generally stronger.

On my last vacation, I took a copy of "Listening In" with me. I had only read a few pages when I discovered an extremely useful chart that tells you when and where to tune to find the major English Language Broadcasters.

This chart is an invaluable tool for those who travel throughout North America and the Caribbean. The chart shows the time in UTC and EDT across the top and shows the Country and station name in rows. Horizontal bars indicate when the station is transmitting. The frequency is indicated directly under the bar. When more than one frequency is utilized by a station, times are indicated next to the frequency. It may sound confusing but in reality it's really very simple once you see it.

The Ontario DX Association has allowed us to post a sample copy of the "World English Survey" on our site. If you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, you can view a copy of the October 2007 chart HERE. (Requires adobe acrobat viewer. Page opens in new window)

By the end of my vacation, I had logged approximately 20 countries on 28 different frequencies! I'm certain I wouldn't have had the time or patience to log as many stations without my trusty "World English Survey" chart.

"Listening In" magazine is a monthly publication offered in electronic format. It contains tons of useful information pertaining to the hobby. More information can be found HERE. (opens in new browser window)

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